Hi everybody, my name is Claudio Albieri,

the firm I started in 2012 is born from an idea developed during the years and from my experience in the former family business to which I participated for 14 years.
Our family-owned tobacconist shop was one of the first business in the Italian panorama to specialize in Slow Smoke and its combination with wines and distillates, which allowed me to become Specialist in Habanos, Specialista Toscano (Specialist in Toscano Cigars), I’ve got a Master in tobacco from Davidoff in Dominican Republic, I’m a third-level Sommelier, I’ve got the A.N.A.G. license and the A.I.B.E.S. diploma.
This small business gave me, for years, the opportunity to travel through the trade shows, the places of production of tobacco, furthermore allowing me to attend classes related to the world of slow smoke and several sector-specific events… all of this in addition to the daily interaction with customers completed the need to start this project.
Mi goal is to cooperate with craftsmen, sector-specific firms and stores to create synergies capable to satisfy the new customer needs related to handiness, usability and innovative design… with some references to classic style!
Well, classic style, remains the starting point for everything, the origin… as you can note in the pictures, I love to do freehand design and, most of all, to write by hand! Technology supports me, but I still love to build things by hand and, this way, the result can immediately be verified!

I avail myself of cooperation and suggestions by my family: I like to discuss ideas with my father, who can boast a multi-year experience as smoker, as sector expert and as restorer and deep lover of wood; my cousin, who’s been in the leather goods sector for over forty years; and my sister and my mother, the family artist.

Thanks to all this I can guarantee an original product, totally hand-made and “Made in Italy”!

I look forward to your suggestions, opinions, and proposals for cooperation!