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Hi and welcome everybody!

I’m pleased to introduce you to my project, right, since, rather than a job, a company or a commitment, I like to call it my PROJECT!

This is a showcase website to present my “mini wholesale store”. Let me make myself clear: the objects that you’re about to admire (or at least I hope so) are all the result of my projects, enriched and manufactured by the masterly hands of small Italian craftsmen who can boast several decades of experience in their field.

Example Frame

Main products

Briefcase for computer and pipe

Its provided with a padded pocket to carry a computer or a tablet, a document-carrying pocket and a pocket equipped with 6 removable pipe housings...

Small Briefcase

Made with unique smoking compartment!

Tabletop pipe stand

The most versatile, practical and stylish pipe stand that I've ever seen is coming to life!

Roll pipe case

This is a great classic, and I would never renounce to it!